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4 Healthy Summer Drinks For When Water Gets Boring

It seems everyone is always telling us to drink water, especially in the summer. Some claim water is the ticket to clear skin, weight loss and even a better mood. All of this sounds great, but in reality water can be quite boring. I’ve decided to share some of my favorite drinks to enjoy in the summer heat on those days when you are constantly thirsty af (no, not that kind of thirsty!). All of these are low calorie and low sugar because we gotta maintain that summer body (or build that summer body if you’re a little late to the game like me). Enjoy!




1. Infused Detox Water

This is most likely the simplest beverage on this list. All you need is water and fruit. You can also add herbs like mint and basil to kick the flavor up a notch! This drink is a big step up from water in terms of taste and benefits. The fruits and herbs you add will determine the benefits of your detox water. My favorite way to prepare this is to put some strawberries and lemons into a tall, clear bottle filled with water. Leave it in the fridge overnight and grab it the next day for a delicious and healthy pick-me-up.

2. Iced Tea

I love to make my own iced tea in the summertime! It’s so refreshing and there are tons of really cool flavors to choose from. To make you own iced tea, simply brew double strength tea and pour it over 1 -1.5 cups of ice. ( To make the tea double strength you should use double the amount of tea and sugar you normally use,this will allow it to maintain a great flavor when you pour it over ice!). If you don’t feel like making your own tea you can always buy some. Whole Foods has an amazing selection of low sugar iced teas! My favorite is the Steaz Iced Green Tea with  Coconut Water. This is the perfect drink for those days where you’re constantly thirsty ( and no not that kind of thirsty!)

3. Watermelon Slushie

If you want to a fruity refresher without all of the sugar of a slushie you should try this great drink! The only things you need to make this slushie are watermelon, sugar, and ice. Take 3 cups of watermelon, 2 cups of ice and 1/4 cup of whatever sweetener you prefer and toss them all into a blender for a couple of minutes. This drink is almost too good to be true, but it tastes amazing and offers a healthier option to that large slush you’re always tempted by. I like to throw in a couple strawberries and lime juice to really kick up my slushies but these are entirely optional!

4. Ice Cold Seltzer, With a Twist

I am a person who doesn’t like seltzer so I was surprised when I found a hack that makes it taste great. I really love to add low-sugar sports drink mix to my seltzer in the summer! Doing so turns something that usually tastes like carbonated dishwater into a tasty soda-like beverage. There are so many drink mixes out there so you can really get creative with the flavors and colors. I love to have this drink after a workout to cool down and replenish my electrolytes. If you give this idea a try you won’t be disappointed!


  1. My favourite is iced tea


      I agree, it’s so quick and easy to make!

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