About Me and My Blog!

 Welcome Lovely! You’ve discovered my little hub of travel inspiration, lifestyle tips and quirky, creative content!

My name is Laila and I am the girl behind Laila Anne Co. I started this blog after realizing that I really needed a creative outlet to manage the crazy journey that comes with being a college student and a young professional. I have always loved writing and this website has become a great way for me to keep this passion alive while delivering fun and refreshing content to other people just like me!

I’ve found that in recent years I have truly been learning something new every day and all of the tips and lessons I have discovered have made my life so much easier! I started Laila Anne Co. in hopes of helping other people balance their lives by sharing the knowledge I have accumulated and offering my own unique spin.  My blog is designed to offer tools that will allow you to look and feel your best while seeking new adventures of all sorts. All of the posts are made with care, so please use them to add a little sparkle to the world that surrounds you.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to make the most of a semester abroad or tips on how to incorporate self-care into a busy routine I truly hope you can find something on this blog to make your life a little easier. I try to keep my posts engaging and direct so that the messages and tips can be adopted by anyone! I want to help you thrive by offering practical advice that can be used to help reach your personal goals, whatever they may be! Please explore the various categories and if you like anything, don’t be afraid to leave a comment! My goal here is to make life for any (almost) twentysomething who stumbles across my blog as easy-breezy as possible. When things get a little too crazy it really helps to embrace the hullabaloo of your daily life and put effort into learning how to make it better.  In sum, I hope you learn one new thing from this blog today in order to build the unique and beautiful life you deserve!


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